Other Therapies

Other therapists I am happy to recommend

Sue Holden: Certified Grief Recovery Specialist and organiser of the Swindon Death Café
Stephan Trefzer: Integral yoga Centre, Swindon
Liz Gilvin: Breathe, Relax Meditate, Yoga  
Nickie Heape: Yoga and Pilates
Laura Jones: STOTT trained Pilates Instructor
David Kay: New Hope Counselling & Hypnosis, Clinical Hypnotherapy
Su Bhagi: Acupuncture, Reiki
Julia Bliss: Acupuncture
Tracy Longdon: Bach Flower, Indian Head Massage, Feng Shui Consultations
Akasha Lonsdale: Empowering partnership, the laughter school
Helen Auburn: Nutritional Therapy
Frances Lewis:   Yoga and space clearing
Jane Austin: Positive Pressures- Sports Therapy, EFT, Bowen Technique, Hypnotherapy 

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